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Having spent 13 years as Manager and Regional Manager in the Furniture trade, I entered the OHS training field as employee of Safe-T-Con in 2013.
I qualified as Facilitator in 2013, Assessor in 2016, and Moderator in 2018.

In May 2020 I decided to broaden my scope of training and obtained a Facilitation license from Intra Safe, a corporate member of the South African Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (SAIOSH)


Western Cape OHS Training material has been developed to meet legal requirements. Our material is structured in such a way as to comply with all NQF levels and to provide valuable practical development to all learners.


To address all sectors of the South African market with the primary objective of supplying a value-added, affordable training service by developing the skills of people to ensure:

  • compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act;
  • the prevention of unnecessary workplace incidents; and
  • higher productivity

Limitless learning, more possibilities

Providing Employment opportunities for the people, At Western Cape OHS Training we develop and administer learnerships.

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